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About Us

We operate with paramount discretion and in complete obscurity. Cyberspace is our domain and we claim full dominion. We have satisfied the cravings of Kings and Rogues alike. We began compiling our expertise into a company, in early 2007.

The depths of our imagination and skill is unfathomable. Pair this with our technical expertise and in short order, the impossible becomes reality. We can hide in your systems without detection. We can remove that which was well hidden. From firmware modifications to software hardening, with over a decade of research and hands-on predations, we are well versed in all the tricks of the trade.
We are the experts.

You will here much about cyber attacks. But bear in mind, they all have similar attack vectors, they are all getting more brazen, but most of all, because you heard about them; they were not true cyber attacks. They were mere crimes of opportunity. In fact, the only reason these simple crimes of opportunity are possible, is due to a faulty dependence on brand names and expensive hardware “magic”. Most commercially available protections, all offer the same level of protection, they all fall short. If we accept your solicitation, there is no technique or tool that is too obscure or revolutionary.
We are the digital key makers. There is no job too big, no target too great. We are always up for a challenge.
We are the experts.

100% customer satisfaction, that is our guarantee.